Discover the fatbike through the magnificent trails of Érablière Meunier! Read this article from the Journal de Montréal and this one from La Presse (French only) to learn more about this winter sport that is gaining popularity.

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Thanks to Boutique Vélozone for the superb bikes!

Consult Devinci’s website to learn about their whole product line of fat bikes

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We have two sizes available :

  • 5′ à 5’7″ small
  • 5’6″ à 6’2″ medium

PRICE : 10$*

  • Helmet is mandatory and is provided by l’Érablière Meunier & fils
  • Parents signature is needed for kids under 18 years old
  • A consentment form has to be filled onsite before the use of our bikes. Click here to download it
  • One ID card will be asked onsite for every rental.

*maximum of 30 minutes